NuSTAR Bringing the High Energy Universe into Focus


Technical Publications

Primary reference for NuSTAR mission

The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) High-energy X-Ray Mission     

Harrison, F.A. et al. (2013)   ApJ 770, 103

NuSTAR in-orbit calibration

Calibration of the NuSTAR High-energy Focussing X-ray Telescope

Madsen, K.K. et al. (2015) ApJS 220,8

Detailed examination of the components of the NuSTAR background emission

NuSTAR Observations of the Bullet Cluster: Constraints on Inverse Compton Emission

Wik, D.R. et al. (2014) ApJ 792, 48

NuSTAR non-x-ray background

Grefenstette, B.W., Madsen, K.K., Miyasaka, H., & Zoglauer, A. (2022) JATIS, 8.4.047001

Detailed analysis and characterization of Stray Light and Ghost Rays

Observational Artifacts of NuSTAR: Ghost Rays and Stray Light

Madsen, K.K. et al. (2017) JATIS 3.4.044003

Timing analysis with NuSTAR

No Time for Dead Time: Timing Analysis of Bright Black Hole Binaries with NuSTAR

Bachetti, M. et al. (2015) ApJ 800, 109

MLI calibration correction

NuSTAR low energy effective area correction due to thermal blanket tear

Madsen, K.K. et al. (2020) arXiv:2005.00569

SPIE optic articles

In-flight PSF calibration of the NuSTAR hard X-ray Optics

An, H. et al. (2014) vol 9144

NuSTAR on-ground calibration: II. Effective area

Brejnholt, N. et al. (2012) vol 8443

NuSTAR on-ground calibration: I. Imaging quality

Westergaard, N.J. et al. (2012) vol 8443

Coatings for the NuSTAR mission

Christensen, F.E. et al. (2011) vol 8147

NuSTAR ground calibration: The Rainwater Memorial Calibration Facility (RaMCaF)

Brejnholt, N. et al. (2011) vol 8147

First results from the ground calibration of the NuSTAR flight optics

Koglin, J. et al. (2011) vol 8147

Fabrication of the NuSTAR flight optics

Craig, W. et al. (2011) vol 8147

Optimizations of Pt/SiC and W/Si multilayers for the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array

Madsen. K.K. et al. (2009) vol 7437

Evaluation of epoxy for use on NuSTAR optics

An, H. et al. (2009) vol 7437

NuSTAR hard X-ray optics design and performance

Koglin, J.E. et al. (2009) vol 7437

Manufacture of Mirror Glass Substrates for the NuSTAR Mission

Zhang, W. et al. (2009) vol 7437

W/SiC and Pt/SiC multilayers for the NuSTAR hard X-ray telescope

Jensen, C.P. et al. (2005) vol 5900

SPIE detector articles

Inflight performance and calibration of the NuSTAR CdZnTe pixel detectors

Kitaguchi, T. et al. (2014) vol 9144

Spectral calibration and modeling of the NuSTAR CdZnTe pixel detectors

Kitaguchi, T. et al. (2011) vol 8145

Development of focal plane detectors for the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) mission

Rana, V. et al. (2009) vol 7435

SPIE operations articles

NuSTAR observatory science operations: on-orbit acclimation

Forster, K. et al. (2014) vol 9149

Highly automated on-orbit operations of the NuSTAR telescope

Roberts, B. et al. (2014) vol 9149

Getting NuSTAR on target: predicting mast motion

Forster, K. & Madsen, K.K. et al. (2016) vol 9910

SPIE mast articles

NuSTAR: System engineering and modeling challenges in pointing reconstruction for a deployable X-ray telescope

Harp, D.I. et al. (2010) vol 7738

Reconstruction of the NuSTAR point spread function using single-laser metrology

Earnshaw, H.P. et al. (2022) JATIS 8(1) 014009


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