NuSTAR Bringing the High Energy Universe into Focus


NuSTAR - von Kármán lecture


NuSTAR Principal Mission Scientist, Dr. Brian Grefenstette from Caltech, delivers a von Karman lecture - May 2022

News Release • May 27, 2022

NuSTAR - Studying the Universe in X-ray

Theodore von Kármán Lecture - May 26, 2022

Dr. Brian Grefenstette

The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, is the first space telescope capable of taking focused high-energy X-ray observations of the cosmos, providing unprecedented information on the dynamics of black holes, exploding stars, and the most extreme active galaxies. Watch a recording of the presentation on YouTube to learn how NuSTAR has expanded our knowledge of the universe after almost a decade of operation.

JPL’s Theodore von Kármán Lecture Series, presented by the Communications and Education Directorate, aims to bring the excitement of JPL’s missions, instruments and other technologies to an audience of both JPL employees and the general public.

Speaker:  Dr. Brian Grefenstette, NuSTAR Principal Mission Scientist, Caltech

Host:  Marc Razze, Public Services Office, NASA/JPL

Co-Host:  Kaitlyn Soares, Public Outreach Specialist, NASA/JPL

Webcast:  Click here to watch a recording of the event on YouTube